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Eliminating barriers to success

We handle the details and the language barriers so you can reach your audience. 



When to use Portable Equipment

Portable equipment is ideal for tours groups, and provides a workable alternative when budget constraints or scheduling problems preclude the use of full simultaneous interpretation equipment. Portable equipment is particularly well suited for short meetings such as school district and PTA meetings, local government and community service meetings, training sessions, church services, focus groups, tour groups, trade show exhibits, and other smaller events. Portable equipment can also be used to supplement full simultaneous equipment at conferences with short breakout sessions, meal functions or site visits in venues other than the general session room. 

Rentals and Sales

We are a platinum dealer for Williams Sound products, including portable transmitters, receivers, microphones, headphones, and carrying cases. We also sell Assistive Listening kits for ADA complianceContact us to discuss your needs and current pricing. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. Equipment can be picked up at our South San Francisco warehouse, delivered or shipped to you for your event. Equipment is packed in a wheeled carrying case or boxed for cargo shipping as required and all instructions are included. All equipment is state-of-the-art and complies with FCC regulations.


How it works

The interpreter sits or stands on the periphery of the group, where he/she can hear what is going on without headphones, for standard equipment, and wears a battery-operated portable transmitter. We also offer systems which provide an audio feed to the interpreter (Digiwave). The interpreter whispers into a head-worn microphone which is transmitted to delegates who listen on wireless receivers within a range of about 100-200 feet, depending on the model. The receivers are multi-channel, so interpretation can be provided in up to eight languages at once if required (each language requires a separate transmitter). Interpreters working together as a team for a single language must share a single transmitter and microphone. Because there is no sound isolation booth, the interpreters can be heard in the room by the other delegates, hence the need for whispering into the microphone. Because of the intense concentration required for whispering while listening without headphones, or for listening in noisy environments, this type of equipment is recommended only for short meetings. 


We will soon be able to offer simultaneous interpretation via an app for tour use, as well as on-demand remote simultaneous and consecutive technology, through our partnership with Lango, a mobile language technology company. Stay tuned for exciting product and service developments.

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