ANNOUNCING PARTNERSHIP WITH LANGO “Lango and DS-Interpretation, Inc. Partner to Reimagine Conference Interpreting for the 21st Century”

202 Bicknell Avenue | Santa Monica, CA 90405 | 949.522.5006

Santa Monica, CA, September 4, 2018 – Lango, a fast-growing software company empowering language service companies globally, partners with DS-Interpretation, Inc., a leader in the US conference market, to serve long-standing customers such as PepsiCo, Cisco, Apple, Google, HP Enterprise, NASA and Toyota with the most advanced technology on the market.

“We are proud to provide the first end-to-end conferencing software solution that creates an innovative and streamlined experience for all parties involved," says Lango Chief Product Officer Sumita Mavros, who previously worked in MIT's AI Labs and led Operations Strategy for worldwide call centers at Time Warner Cable. "From DS-Interpretation Inc.’s internal scheduling team to their linguists, clients and audience members, we have intentionally simplified the user's experience by understanding their everyday frustrations.”

Established in 1972 by interpreting technology pioneer Bill Wood, DS-Interpretation, Inc. has grown over more than four decades into one of the most respected conference interpreting companies in the world.

“We finally feel we have found a company in Lango that is trying to understand the true needs of the market and of our clients in particular,” DS-Interpretation President Naomi Bowman says. “Our motto is that if we find the right people, the right products will follow. Our vision is to be compatible with the future. Lango will help us get there.”

“We believe this partnership will establish a model that will benefit other language service companies worldwide,” says Lango CEO Josh Daneshforooz, who previously conducted leadership conferences with diverse audiences such as the United Nations, Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership, and the Mexican Congress. “Our platform is automating a global win-win network of collaboration between language companies, and we are thrilled and honored to partner with industry veteran Naomi Bowman and her team at DS-Interpretation, Inc.”

Lango helps language service companies consolidate their entire business on one platform. This includes over-the-phone and video-remote interpreting as well as on-site (simultaneous and consecutive) interpreting and document translation. Lango also takes care of client billing and linguist invoicing. Streamlining everything in one place enables language companies to reduce costs, scale more quickly and easily expand into and grow new market segments.

For more information, contact:

1. Lango: Josh Daneshforooz at , call 949.522.5006 or visit .

2. DS-Interpretation, Inc.: Naomi Bowman at , call 650.212.0397. 




DS-Interpretation, Inc. President Naomi Bowman and Lango CEO Josh Daneshforooz. 

DS-Interpretation, Inc. President Naomi Bowman and Lango CEO Josh Daneshforooz.