International Conferences and Global Events

Whether your event is for 10 participants or several thousand, for one language or 20, we have the team, the technology and the experience to provide flawless conference interpretation services. 

Our vision is to be compatible with the future
— Naomi Bowman, President


We offer a variety of on-site conference interpreting solutions for events of any size: 

  • ISO standard sound isolation booths and custom booths for areas with space-constraints - over 50 booths in stock. 
  • Advanced FM solutions featuring Williams Sound products and a proprietary pro-audio approach.
  • Televic Lingua interpretation products, digital IR, and wireless microphones powered by Plixus.
  • 5,000 receivers in stock and a large supply of interpreter stations/desks and transmitters.
  • A revolutionary new on-site cloud platform solution powered by Linguali for large scale events that includes a bring-your-own-device distribution.
  • Consecutive and (soon) Remote-on-demand apps powered by Lango.
  • A platform-free bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution that can be paired with conventional audio distribution equipment.
  • Professional, qualified conference interpreters. Learn more about interpreters on our Global Approach page and About Conference Interpreting
You have been the best conference organizers I have ever known in my entire professional life. It’s been a great pleasure and honor to have worked with you all these years!
— Professional Conference Interpreter


We are pioneers in the field of remote interpreting - interpreting in which the audience and the interpreter are not in the same location. In 1994 we provided a remote setup for FIFA World Cup Soccer. We also hold one of the earliest patents for remote simultaneous interpretation switching technology dating back to 1995. In 1997 we provided remote interpretation from Frankfurt, Germany in 7 languages to over 50 cities around the globe including bidirectional Q&A from 12 cities.

How remote can you get?  Our most remote events are Space Shuttle Missions. We've worked on four. Learn more about our Space Shuttle Mission adventures in Globe Trotting, our blog.

We are now offering remote services for meetings using new technology through Headvox from France, and will soon be able to offer Remote Simultaneous on-demand which is in development through our partner, Lango. Contact us for information. 


We now offer multilingual webinar solutions featuring video remote simultaneous interpretation,  powered by Voiceboxer technology from Denmark. We also offer multilingual conference call solutions featuring remote simultaneous audio interpretation from ZipDx. Reach an audience around the globe with these sleek, easy to use platforms. Contact us for more information. 


We have access to the world's elite conference interpreters for any language for which there are professionally trained interpreters. All interpreters operate as, or work for independent businesses who meet our strict authorized contractor program and our rigorous qualification standards. Do you have a need for a language that has no formal conference interpreter training? We have separate qualifying standards for such languages and will advise clients of the skill level that can be provided. For over four decades, we have valued the human element of interpreting and ensured the best working conditions for interpreters. If you are interested in becoming an authorized contractor, please visit our Careers page.

I always enjoy working with your company as it is literally THE most professional interpreting company I've ever worked with! " - Professional Conference Interpreter