Senior staff

Naomi Bowman   President

Naomi Bowman

Naomi has spent her career in the interpretation industry, joining the company in 1988, serving as Vice President from 1991 – 2012 and President since 2012.  She focuses on client relations and technology and interpreter partner relationships to viably implement industry innovations while maintaining and improving standards. She is on the ASTM Standards Organization Committee F43 for Language Services and Products and participates in legislative initiatives affecting the language industry through the JNCL-NCLIS.  She earned her M.A. degree in International Relations in the U.K. and views herself as a global citizen. 

Bill Wood Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bill Wood
Founder and Chairman of the Board

Bill founded Design Specialists in 1972 after helping patent an early version of an FM receiver designed for educational and language lab use. Demand soon grew for simultaneous and conference interpreting and designs for interpreter-friendly booths and interpreter stations with revolutionary patented features soon followed. He is known as an audio pioneer and is famous for his oft-repeated quote: "Interpreters will not be replaced by Technology, they will be replaced by Interpreters who use Technology". Bill is also renowned for his pioneering efforts in Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, including an early patent for key switching technology and implementation of remote simultaneous in hospital settings in the early1990s. The New England Journal of Medicine Published an article he co-authored on the topic in 1996. See the article here. He was awarded the prestigious Interpret America Lifetime Service Award for outstanding contributions to the field of interpretation in 2012 and lives by his motto:  "We care about what we do."  

Rich Douthit   Sr. Project Manager -Technical Services

Rich Douthit
Sr. Project Manager -Technical Services

Rich has been with DS-Interpretation, Inc. for nearly 15 years. He has a B.A. from San Francisco State University and trained with IATSE Local 16. He has an extensive background in the Music and A/V world. Rich has toured worldwide and his music is featured on a variety of media including films, movies, television, MTV and NPR. He is known for managing large-scale interpretation productions for key clients with professionalism and smoothness. As Rich likes to say, "I don’t believe in problems – only solutions!" 


Candace Takeda   Senior Event Manager

Candace Takeda
Senior Event Manager

Candi got her start in the interpretation field after studying at the prestigious Waseda University and working for Japan’s leading linguistic services company, ISS. She returned to the US and is a career veteran in the conference interpretation field and has worked for DS-Interpretation, Inc. for the last 5 years. She has extensive experience in developing interpreter resources around the globe, putting together qualified teams to meet specific client needs and managing all aspects of event projects. Her strength is managing large teams involving technical and interpreter services for complex events and creating a culture of customer service and satisfaction. She has a B.A in Japanese with a minor in French and Psychology from the University of Oregon.