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DS-Interpretation, Inc. is a proud Sponsor of the North American Summits on Interpreting

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4 Decades of Expertise

DS-Interpretation, Inc. was founded in 1972 and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are exclusively committed to providing simultaneous interpretation services for international conferences and developing interpretation equipment and technology. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and have a team of experts who have an impressive array of experience in the field. Our clients include corporations, governments, think-tanks and associations throughout the world.

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition:
  • The Best Service in the Industry
    Our clients tell us that we provide the best service in the industry. We feel that this positive response is due to our uncompromising attention to detail and a genuine interest in improving cross-cultural communication on a global scale. We are well-known for our management skills at handling large and complex events with finesse and our technical staff is uniquely qualified to understand the needs of simultaneous interpretation.
  • A Unique Focus
    We are focused on simultaneous interpretation and devote ourselves to what we do best. We work closely with excellent companies who provide ancilliary services such as general audio-visual, written translation, audio transcription or non-simultaneous interpretation services. We can therefore provide complete management services and subcontracting of experts in other fields for our clients who desire one-stop shopping. In today's complex business climate our mission is to provide our clients with the best service possible, by preserving our unique area of true expertise.
  • The Technology Experts
    We are a pioneer in the field of interpretation equipment, and have designed leading-edge technology used at international conferences, government agencies, and for training simultaneous interpreters. Our company founder, Bill Wood, has patented key switching technology for the emerging field of Remote Simultaneous Interpretation, as well as designed several generations of sound isolation booths, interpreter stations and transmission systems. He is the reason for the word "Design" in our company name! We are constantly engaged in research to adapt advanced technologies to the field, such as digital voice communication and satellite teleconferencing. (top)